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3. February 2018

Space Scoop (Englisch)

Hier können Sie das neueste Space Scoop lesen, unseren Astronomie Nachrichten Service für Kinder ab einem Alter von 8 Jahren. Die Idee hinter Space Scoop ist es, die Art zu ändern, wie Wissenschaft von jungen Kindern oft wahrgenommen wird, nämlich als veraltet und mit langweiligen Themen. Indem wir aufregende neue astronomische Entdeckungen mit Kindern teilen, können wir sie dafür begeistern, ein Interesse an Wissenschaft und Technik zu entwickeln. Space Scoop ist ein wunderbares Mittel, das in Klassenräumen verwendet werden kann, um die jüngsten Nachrichten aus der Astronomie zu lehren und zu diskutieren. 

Space Scoop ist verfügbar in den folgenden Sprachen:

Englisch, Dutch, Italian, German, Spanish, Polish, Albanian, Arabic, Bengali, Bulgarian, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Farsi, French, Greek, Gujarati, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Icelandic, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Maltese, Norwegian, Portuguese, K’iche’, Romanian, Russian, Sinhalese, Slovenian, Swahili, Tamil, Tetum, Turkish, Tz’utujil, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Welsh

Tantrum Gives Away Baby Stars Playing Hide and Seek
9. April 2015:
Something New in the Sky!
25. March 2015:
Space Pirates Dig Up Cosmic Booty
11. March 2015:
The Planet That Lost an Ocean
5. March 2015:
Fishing For Galaxies
26. February 2015:
The Strange Case of the Missing Dwarf
18. February 2015:
Stellar Romance Doomed to End in Despair
13. February 2015:
The Milky Way’s Flashing Lights
4. February 2015:
Rings Around An Alien World
2. February 2015:
The Mouth of the Beast
26. January 2015:
Megaflares Shed Light On Our Black Hole
21. January 2015:
The Most Attractive Stars in the Universe
16. January 2015:
The Disappearance of the Cosmic Spinning Tops
9. January 2015:
Who Turned Out The Lights?
7. January 2015:
Charles Messier's Cosmic Gem Collection
17. December 2014:
Galactic Get Together Has An Impressive Light Display
11. December 2014:
Galaxies Make Disruptive Neighbours
11. December 2014:
Cosmic Computer Gets An Ego Boost
4. December 2014:
When You Wish Upon A Star…
26. November 2014:
Achievement Unlocked: Landing on a Comet
13. November 2014:
Rollercoaster Ride Back to Earth
10. November 2014:
Planets Grow Up So Fast
7. November 2014:
Eye-catching Space Technology Restoring Sight
4. November 2014:
Distant Starlight Creates a False Dawn
4. November 2014:
Ringside Seats To A Planetary Bake Off
30. October 2014:
Interstellar Snowball Fight Seen for the First Time!
22. October 2014:
Baby Stars Caught In A Galactic Spider Web
15. October 2014:
Flock of Space Ducks Caught on Camera!
1. October 2014:
Six Months Aboard the International Space Station
29. September 2014:
Cosmic Crashes Get Galaxies in a Spin
17. September 2014:
‘J’ Marks the Spot for Rosetta’s Lander
17. September 2014:
Cosmic Map Makers Pack In More Than 200 Million Stars!
16. September 2014:
The Universe's Lost Lithium
11. September 2014:
Cosmic Forecast: Dark Clouds Will Give Way to Sunshine
3. September 2014:
Giant Cosmic Magnifying Glass Finds Baby Stars
27. August 2014:
The Big Bad Wolves That'll Blow You Away!
20. August 2014:
Are We Living in an Island Universe?
6. August 2014:
Rosetta Makes Friends with a Comet
6. August 2014:
Slanted Solar Systems Surprise Scientists
30. July 2014:
How Long Do Stars Last?
23. July 2014:
X-ray Vision Reveals the Insides of Stars
22. July 2014:
Astronomers Clear Up a Dusty Mystery
9. July 2014:
Cosmic Cloud Seen From Highest and Driest Place on Earth
3. July 2014:
When It Rains, It Pours…on the Sun
30. June 2014:
Jupiter's Largest Moons Won't be Overshadowed...Even by an Eclipse!
25. June 2014:
Relics of the Early Universe are Dustier Than Expected
11. June 2014:
A Journey to the Edge of the Universe
5. June 2014:
X-rays Uncover Black Holes Dancing With Normal Stars
3. June 2014:
Fresh Look at a Young Star Cluster
21. May 2014:
Cosmic Magnet Mystery Solved?
14. May 2014:
Time Flies on an Alien World
30. April 2014:
Why You Couldn't Hide Your Spaceship in a Nebula
16. April 2014:
Sweeping Supernovas Clean Up The Cosmos
10. April 2014:
Diamonds in the Sky
10. April 2014:
Solving the Mystery of Massive Star Birth
7. April 2014:
Nature's Nasty Side
2. April 2014:
Rings Around an Asteroid
26. March 2014:
The Real Space Chimps
20. March 2014:
The Universe's Biggest Yellow Star
14. March 2014:
Health Warning for a Nearby Star
7. March 2014:
Collecting Clues to a Cosmic Crime
4. March 2014:
Cosmic Demolition in the Asteroid Belt
28. February 2014:
The Many Faces of our Night Sky
19. February 2014:
The Asteroid with a Heart of Stone
5. February 2014:
How to Feed Your Galactic Monster
31. January 2014:
Your Weather Report From Across the Galaxy
29. January 2014:
Through the Looking Glass
24. January 2014:
Sleeping Beauty Wakes Up From a Deep Space Slumber
24. January 2014:
Lost and Found: The Milky Way's 'Missing' Arms
23. December 2013:
Cosmic Conditions Suitable for the Noble Class
19. December 2013:
The Young and Exotic
12. December 2013:
Does Anyone Fancy a Drink?
11. December 2013:
Cosmic Dragon Breathes New Life into the Night Sky
27. November 2013:
Special Offer: Two Galaxies for the Price of One
22. November 2013:
Uncovering Mysterious Hidden Gems of our Galaxy
20. November 2013:
Roaring Fire of the Night
13. November 2013:
When is a Comet not a Comet?
7. November 2013:
Now You See Me, Now You Don’t
25. October 2013:
Sharing Our Cosmic Vision
25. October 2013:
Black Holes and Revelations
17. October 2013:
A Toast to a Middle-aged Star!
9. October 2013:
Growth of the Coma Colossus
26. September 2013:
The Goddess of the Hunt Captures her Prey
25. September 2013:
A Sea of Stars
18. September 2013:
The Peanut at the Heart of our Galaxy
12. September 2013:
Cosmic Butterflies Fly in the Same Direction
4. September 2013:
Beyond the Horizon
3. September 2013:
The Future's Bright
28. August 2013:
A Colossal Cosmic Crash
28. August 2013:
Birth Announcement from Outer Space
21. August 2013:
The Star with a Secret Identity
19. August 2013:
It's a Small World After All
12. August 2013:
The Age of Exploration
8. August 2013:
A Window to the Universe
1. August 2013:
Goodness Gracious, Great Ball of Fire!
30. July 2013:
From Starburst to Star Bust
24. July 2013:
The Day the Earth Smiled
23. July 2013:
The Noodle Effect
17. July 2013:
Circus in the Sky
16. July 2013:
The Other Blue Planet
11. July 2013:
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